Engagement Season

Engagement Season

Did you get engaged over the holidays?  It’s that time of year! Do you think you will be proposed to between now and Valentine’s Day? You are one of 40% that get engage during this time of year and we love it! Congratulations! What’s next?! First, don’t freak out. You will and that’s okay, but remember, it is supposed to be fun! You found the guy, got the ring, now begin the journey to becoming a Mrs.! My opinion? Give yourself a few days (or weeks) before you dive into planning. Talk with the ‘soon-to-be’ about what is important to you and them and prioritize. Be reasonable and sensible but make sure you share that you just LOVE chocolate cake and it wouldn’t be the same if you have vanilla. Before you go out and interview vendors think about the following:

Wedding Style

  • What is your wedding style?
  • Will your ceremony take place in a place of worship or will it be at the reception site or at city hall?
  • Will it be very formal or informal?
  • How many attendants, and guest are you thinking of.
  • What type of reception will you have, will it be formal or casual; inside or outside?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself and your sweetie. Now down to the brass tacks, here.  You cannot do anything until you sit down together, and your families to discuss the following:


  • Who is paying for what?
  • If parents are helping, ask to commit to an exact amount.
  • Use your budget guideline to help give you an idea of how much a wedding cost. Visit our friends at Here Comes the Guide for a checklist to keep you on track.
  • Set your top 3 priority categories.
  • Estimate how much you will need to save by the time the final bills are due.
  • Think about setting up automatic payroll deductions into a money-market account.

Once you’ve recovered from all of this, make sure you give that sweetie some loving, and give us a call to get you started! Each event venue we work in is truly unique, with its own distinct charm and ambience drawing vivid inspiration from surrounding settings. Guests may celebrate in venues from our waterfront Beach House to the flourishing redwoods of Big Sur, where they can enjoy the mastery of our talented culinary team and a quintessential California Coastal setting. We can’t wait to meet you!