We live in an information generation where every bit of inspiration and detail of your special event can be found by a simple search on Google. From Pinterest to Yelp we are here to help you utilize the best tools we know from experience working with brides and coordinators throughout the years.

First things first, get yourself a new email account specifically for the wedding. Use this email to sign up for any multi-media websites like Wedding Spot and Wedding Wire. Having a separate account for everything wedding allows a clean and accessible hub where all invoices, contracts and inspiration can live. Email accounts are free and can easily be deleted after the event so all spam and subscriptions can disappear forever HOORAY! These amazing multi-media sites like The Knot are great for inspiration and connecting you with vendors and amazing venues like the Monterey Beach House. One thing they offer that is really fantastic is a personal website you build, personalize and share. A website combines all your wedding registries and houses all information a guest will need to know for the event. Out of town guests or destination weddings benefit by sharing accommodation information. A website dashboard will become a self-sustaining personal assistant, automatically providing you with a list of helpful reminders such as tasks, timelines, upcoming events and more.

Year after year we celebrate milestones all over the Monterey Peninsula. We absolutely love being a part of your special day. After the process of planning out all the details we know you want to make sure every moment of the day is captured. Of course, hiring an excellent photographer is key. However we want to share some low-budget and free ideas that are trending at weddings and events all over!

Second thing a bride should consider is her hashtag! A hashtag is the # symbol before an unspaced key word. Utilizing a hashtag on social media sites allows all of your guest to share their point of view and be a part of the special day. They capture moments an excellent photographer might have missed. All the photos uploaded to social media sites like Instagram sharing the same #hashtag will be grouped all together and can be streamed on your personal wedding website! There are services like Wedding Hashtagwall that set up a projected slideshow at your wedding and live stream all of your guest’s photos and comments! Some rules on hashtags: no spaces, no special characters so commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks and apostrophes are out. However, capitalizing to differ two words and numbers are acceptable so be creative and make it special.

The goal of a wedding day with Central Coast Events is to have a smooth, easy, stress free day for our bride and groom. We hope our tips and tricks help the process of planning run just as smoothly!